writing deepens us

God gave us written language as a Gift. God used written language to send Living Words forward to us in time – across thousands of years.

Writing deepens us. It’s a way to be with God and a way to find out who we truly are.

Write to God. Write to Hear. Write to Learn. Tell the Lord your worries and fears and let them go. Confess your failures to the Lord and start each day with a clean slate. Write to figure things out with the Lord. Ask God your question and wait for the answer. It will come. Count your blessings on paper and give thanks to the Lord. Ask God for what you need, and it will be given according to God’s Will. Copy down the scripture the Lord is using to Speak to you on any given day. There is Power in God’s Living Word that we can’t imagine. Power to Heal and Power to Change our hearts and the world Radically!

There are side benefits to writing. Writing helps to preserve our cognitive skills and memories – in other words it keeps us sharp. If your writing skills are rusty or you’ve never liked writing, now is the time to relearn the skill.

Baby steps, baby steps! Make a list of 20 random words that come into your head as you sit in God’s Presence. Don’t self-edit. Copy a verse from the Bible. Write a word list of small things you’re grateful for. Write down one question for God and listen for the Answer. Write down a few phrases that relate your day to the Lord – or even just one phrase. You get the idea. God will Lead you if you just show up 🥰

Prayer is as vital for our minds, hearts, and souls, as nutritious food and exercising are for our health.

Keeping a prayer journal is a way to stay focused in God’s Presence. And you will have a record of what the Lord is Teaching you and the Answers to your prayers – perhaps even something to share with future generations ❤️

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