underestimating the Power of Love

The story of Your Crucifixion, Lord, reads like an action thriller. At the climax, the Hero is trapped. The antagonist is sure he has correctly estimated his foe’s abilities. All avenues of escape are blocked. All seems lost for the Hero. But the reader knows that the villain has forgotten one very important detail about the Hero and has played right into the Hero’s Hands. The villain thinks that by destroying the Hero, he will rule the world. In reality, his actions will be the catalyst that unleashes the Hero’s Infinite Power for Good. In the case of satan, he forgot that You are God! ✝️

“All of my kindness is taken for weakness.” Rihanna

We underestimate You as well, Lord. We find it difficult to believe that Love is the most powerful force in the world. Someone armed with a gun looks a lot stronger to us than someone armed with Kindness, Generosity, and Love. But that’s only if we’re stuck thinking in earthly terms.

“For all who draw the sword will die by the sword” Matthew 26:52b

A person can coerce specific behaviors out of others when they have some kind of physical advantage over them. But coercion does not change hearts. Whatever gains are made by force only last as long as the advantage is maintained.

Love changes hearts, minds, and Souls. And Souls are Immortal.

“For everyone who has been Born of God overcomes the world. And this is the Victory that has overcome the world – Faith.” 1John 5:4

In this way, slaves were richer than their masters. Enslaved people turned to God – their only Hope in their powerless position. Their legacy is deep spirituality. Slavers’ legacy is hatred passed down through generations to those people who can’t see beyond this blip of an existence to Eternity. Hatred blinds people and bankrupts their souls.

Thus, our understanding of who the most powerful people are is turned upside down. Those people, who seem to us like they have “got it made in the shade”, only have power and wealth until they die. God’s Love and Saving Grace last beyond our mortal lives to Eternity.

Knowing this helps us to choose wisely the heroes we want to emulate. Instead of envying and striving to be like the powerful, rich, and famous, what if everyone tried to be like the kindest, most generous person they know… ? The whole world would change for the better ❤️

the gist of it…

“And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free.” John 8:32

Lord, in Your Reality there is Absolute Unshakable Truth. Your Truth is not relative. It is not subject to change based upon human beliefs and assumptions. And we cannot perceive Your Reality anymore than an ant can perceive our reality. But You Came to give us “the Gist of It” : )

There’s a spiritual war going on outside of our time and space. A war between Good and evil that You have already Won on the Cross. It goes on because of Your Commitment to our Free Will, and Your Persistence in Restoring the Whole of Your Creation. evil knows it has lost, but clings to existence through our misplaced allegiance. So evil’s only goal can be to delay the coming of Your Kingdom and hang on as long as it can.

The Israelites were charged with preparing for Your First Coming into our history. Their arduous journey through the Old Testament set up everything in our space-time for Your Birth into our world. You entered it at the most opportune time for the Seeds of Your Salvation to take root and grow in our hearts, minds, and souls.

There were so many violent events in the Old Testament. Human life was lost as the Israelites made their way to the Promised Land. We can only understand the destruction of Canaan when we realize that You Came to Save the Canaanites’ immortal souls as well.

You also loved the Canaanites and the other occupants in the Promised Land. But they were headed in the wrong direction, toward death. They held pagan beliefs that called for human sacrifice, among other things. In order to Save Everyone, You had to be born into a people who knew the One True God.

We live linear, sequential lives here on Earth. YOU ARE where everything just IS. That’s what You mean when You say “I AM”.

At the specific moment of Your Crucifixion on Earth, Your Saving Grace spread out like a mushroom cloud beyond all space and time, covering everyone, everywhere and at every time. For every soul ever created, the Door to Your Kingdom now stands open.

The Clarion Call of Your Crucifixion and Resurrection Peals Forever. There’s no time – past, present, or future – in Your Kingdom. That’s why King David knew of You and Your Saving Grace so intimately. That’s how You Appeared to people in the Old Testament before Your Entrance as an infant into our timeline.

Our work as disciples is to reach critical mass through our complete allegiance to You in order to bring about Your Second Coming – the next stage of Your Resurrection Story in our linear time.

You Ask us to cherish You more than we love our friends and family – to turn away from them if we have to, in order to follow You. That seems harsh to us until we understand that we are partners with You now in the Complete Restoration of Your Kingdom.

This does not contradict Your Directive to Love, Forgive, and Do for others what we would have them do for us. It means we don’t compromise our discipleship to be accepted by our peers, our family, and our friends – Nor do we amend what we know of Your Truth to “fit in”.

Jesus, You Are the Truth, the Way, and the Life. We are to preach nothing but You Crucified for the Salvation of our immortal souls

When we stand steadfast with You, we are doing more for our family and friends than we could ever do by ourselves. Thank you, Lord!

Amen ✝️❤️😊

go with the Flow

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.” John 15:4

If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

Artists are dazzled by the possibilities every blank piece of paper represents. Each one has the potential to be an artist’s magnum opus – their best work yet and a “masterpiece”. I have a large supply of paper in my studio and stashed around the house and barn. I have potentially hundreds of masterpieces waiting to materialize into reality : )

Each piece of paper’s destiny is determined with the first few marks made on it. It is no longer full of infinite possibilities. It has been set on a specific course as a graphite drawing or a watercolor or a pastel. That is what makes a blank piece of paper rather intimidating. With the first mark and each succeeding mark, it’s possibilities are reduced. All artists are full of hope for each piece of paper, or we could not make that first mark.

An artist knows that if we don’t connect with the Infinite inside of ourselves, if we stay on the surface of our consciousness, in our heads, our efforts will not produce anything that surpasses the sum of our skills. Artists think of being connected with this Infinite Source within ourselves as being “in the Flow” or as being “in the Zone”. We only get there when we let go of ourselves. Often for me, it’s when I realize the drawing or painting is rather awful! That’s when I give up control and allow the Infinite to take over.

The best works an artist produces come from this Infinite source. We stare at a painting or drawing that seems to be way beyond our capabilities, and we wonder how we got there – how it came into existence by our hand. And it’s wanting this connection with the Infinite that pushes an artist to get out another clean piece of paper and make another first mark.

But being in the Flow is not just for artists! We all have the Infinite dwelling inside of us – the Holy Spirit. Each day is another blank sheet of paper filled with possibilities. When we navigate through the day allowing the Infinite inside of us to guide us, we do good works that surpass the sum of all of our skills and knowledge. We don’t have to try to walk in the Spirit. It’s a matter of giving up control and allowing the Infinite to take over. Show up and ask God to teach you how to walk in the Spirit. Confess to the Lord that your life is rather awful, and you need God to take over.

Do not worry about all the days you’ve already messed up. Today is a fresh start – as is tomorrow and the next. When you walk in the Spirit, Healing and a Miraculous Transformation will come over you. You will stare at the new you and wonder how you ever got there. For me, decades of multiple eating disorders addictions, depression, hopelessness, physical aches and pains have disappeared into thin air as I come more and more to God in Prayer, Community, and in the Living Word. I have been freed from the prison of my own making.

I’m so grateful, Lord, to have lived long enough to to experience in this lifetime, this Freedom and Joy that comes from the Lord’s Saving Grace! Sadness and suffering are still part of my life, but I have a wellspring of Joy and Hope that comes from this Touchstone of the Infinite inside of me. I pray that all of you will go with the Flow of the Lord’s Holy Spirit through today and all the rest of your days.


Jesus Loves me, this i know

Lord I’m thankful for all that I have and all I can do. But most of all, I’m thankful to know You, Lord, in this life of ups and downs! Because this life without You is lonely.

Other people see our external lives, but no one, except You, sees our internal lives. You Know who I really am. You hear my every thought. You see my every action. Nobody else knows me the Way You Know me. You Know my innermost fears and desires. You Know how I feel at any given moment. I’m safe to be myself with You, Lord, because You Will Always Love me – even when I fail You. You Love me, and You Delight in me.

“The Lord Delights in those who fear (submit to) Him, who put their hope in His Unfailing Love.” Psalm 147:11

I’m connected to You, God, The Creator! That’s Awesome! You Are and You Are Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and yet, You Care about me personally. And You Love me.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to go it alone. And You don’t want just to be there for me in a crisis. You want to share my whole life with me – to show me Miracles and Marvels all around me that I can’t see by myself. With You, I find Joy everywhere! Hope abounds in me in the face of even the most discouraging news. With You, I can accomplish things that far exceed the sum of my skills.

“God Loves me. It still humbles me that this Force that makes leaves and fleas & stars & rivers & you, Loves me. Me, Maya Angelou. It’s Amazing. I can do anything. And do it well. Any good thing I can do it. That’s why I am who I am, yes, because God Loves me & I’m amazed at it.” Maya Angelou

On this Thanksgiving, Lord, Thank You so much for Loving me.


the importance of being earnest

Everything – and I mean everything – runs on energy. A Lamborghini or a Tesla, without a fuel source, is useless as transportation. We run on energy. Our bodies are furnaces. We move and we think using the energy we metabolize from our food in chemical reactions and as eletrical signals.

Food and water are therefore the most valuable physical commodities in our world. (At this point in time, air is free) A salad and a handful of nuts or a burger are far more valuable then gold or diamonds.

Think of it this way – When you are stranded on that proverbial desert Island, do you want to find 1000 diamonds and 1000 lbs of gold? Or would you rather find an oasis of coconut trees, a lagoon full of fish, and a spring bubbling up with fresh water? You have to think like Gilligan here ; )

We are solar powered. And until we can use CRISPR to turn ourselves green, we have to ingest “transducers” that convert and store the sun’s rays as potential energy. Or we can ingest “batteries” that eat “transducers” and store their energy for our use.

Plants are the “transducers”. They can’t walk around, but they have day jobs converting the sun’s energy into glucose and storing it in thier leaves, roots, seeds, and fruiting bodies. Unfortunately, there is a very narrow group of transducers in the plant kingdom from which our bodies can extract potential energy. If we could just graze on our lawns or eat the leaves off of oak and maple trees, we would be all set. Except for vegetarians, we rely on ruminants, fish, and fowl to extract potential energy from grasses and other plants we can’t digest and store it in their tissues, and in the case of birds, their eggs.

When you think about it, farmers, farm workers, and other people who bring food to us should be regarded as some of most valued members of our society and paid accordingly! Our values are topsy turvy.

When we understand that food and water are our most valuable physical commodities, we understand that taking care of our environment isn’t a political stance, it’s imperative for our physical survival. We act from the spirit of this knowledge to minimize our impact on our environment. Where rules didn’t work, this knowledge changes our habits for the better.

Our souls run on God-Energy from the Holy Spirit. Just as we shrivel up and die without food and water, without God-Energy our souls shrivel up and become inert. What is God-Energy? Love! It’s an abstract concept, intangible, but vital for our survival. Love is as important for our well-being as are food and water.

Years ago, infants in some orphanages were sheltered, clothed, and fed, but still failed to thrive and perished. Their puzzled caregivers didn’t understand that without Love the infants’ gave up Hope. They had no will to survive.

We draw God-Energy from community – meaningful human contact – and from being in God’s Presence through the Holy Spirit.

We need a steady diet of the Living Word, Community with other members of the Body of Christ, and Prayer, where we stop everything and come fully into God’s Presence – praising, thanking, pleaing, apologizing, or just chatting with the Lord – or where we are just still, listening.

When our souls are full of God-Energy, everything we do is an act of Love for the Lord and for others. Where rules didn’t really control our actions, now we act from the Spirit.

Extending God’s Love and Salvation to others is imperative! They too will change and act out of the Spirit of God’s Love when they are brought to the Foot of the Cross. What we can’t accomplish with rules and punishment, we accomplish with God’s Love and Salvation through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Lord for clarifying what is important for us to do. All Praise, Honor, and Glory To You, Oh Lord.

Amen! ✝️❤️😊