The Cross✝️

Lord, one day while praying, I felt prompted by Your Spirit to wear a Cross around my neck. I thought that way, when I do good things, people will know it is You not me. The Cross is also a sign to others that I’m Your Child – Saved and Loved.

I have a faux gold and blue enamel Cross that I could wear around my neck. But then I had the thought that I needed to wear a wooden Cross- not a metal one. I was sure I could order one online but procrastinated – unmotivated to do so.

Time went by. One Sunday, I felt this nudge to go to the 10:30 church service, instead of the noon service I usually attend. I glanced around at fellow worshipers before church started. A solitary figure at the back of the church caught my eye briefly, but I was brought back to attention when the music started. Near the end of the service, I looked back at the figure again. This time I noticed a beautiful little wooden Cross hanging around his neck. I caught up with him after church and introduced myself. I admired his Cross, and I told him I felt Led to wear a wooden Cross around my neck as well. I asked him where he got his. He told me he carves them from a cherry tree in his yard. I asked him if I could commission one from him. He said no, he would make me one as a gift…

At this point, I was dazzled by Your Hand in this, Lord!

The next week, this kind man had a box of Crosses he had carved in different styles. He said he didn’t know which I would prefer. Oh my Goodness – such Generosity – the Fruit of a Spirit-led life! I chose the simplest of the Crosses, bound with leather and laced through with a leather lanyard.

I’m awestruck, Lord, by this Powerful Sign that You Will Always Provide for me. And You Taught me to wait for You to Lead when I’m obeying Your Will. You Will Light the Way.

When I put the Cross around my neck, the man warned me that it might attract harsh comments from strangers. I said that was okay. On the contrary though, I’ve had more pleasant conversations initiated by strangers than ever before. I think they approach me because of Your Cross around my neck. They aren’t all Christians… Your Cross still signifies Love and Acceptance to many people. I think people see me as a safe person to talk to. This is good news in the face of the bad press that Your followers often get because of nefarious acts falsely claimed to have been done in Your Name.

This is absolutely the Cross You Meant for me to wear, Lord. It Marks me as Your Child, and it reminds me of the Love, Kindness, and Generosity shown to me in acquiring it!

I finger it often – especially when life gets hard. Then I remember that You Are and You Are With me! It reminds me that although we are bombarded with bad news, You are still Here and In Charge. Therefore, there is still Good in the world, and Hope in Your Saving Grace.

Thank You, Lord, for this Gift – the symbol of Your Sacrifice for our Salvation and Your unfailing Love for us!


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