NOT “Bah, humbug”!

“For the Law was given by Moses, but Grace and Truth Came by Jesus Christ.” John 1:17

Your physical entrance into our world, God, changed everything.

We even started counting the years over again at Your Birth.

According to Gallup, 93% of all Americans celebrate Christmas. Christians are joined by many Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, people of the Islamic faith, and areligious people in observing Christmas. We put up Christmas trees, give and receive gifts, sing, and gather for feasts in December.

“The True Light that Gives Light to everyone was Coming into the world.” John 1:9

In the northern hemisphere, December is the time of long nights, but the world lights up at Christmas. Because we can’t see our way in the dark, we echo Your Light Coming into the world. People line their porches with lights, wrap lights around trees in their yards. Christmas trees sparkle with lights, and many place candles in their windows as welcoming signs.

Some people complain that Christmas has been commercialized. And indeed, self-indulgence is magnified at Christmas by great shopping deals and extravagant parties. Still, the Spirit of Christmas is intact. Almost everyone is moved by the Peace of “Silent Night, Holy Night”.

Christmas is a time of deep emotions. We associate Christmas with Love, Remembering, Gathering in Community with family and friends, Giving, and even Forgiving. The Spirit of Generosity is abundant at Christmas time. No matter their faith, many people are well aware of the Truth that…

“It is more Blessed to Give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

When You Ascended into Heaven, Lord, Your Holy Spirit was made available to everyone in the world. Maybe at Christmastime, more people are in tune with Your Holy Spirit and are allowing Your Grace and Truth to Reign in their hearts ❤️

Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

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