underestimating the Power of Love

The story of Your Crucifixion, Lord, reads like an action thriller. At the climax, the Hero is trapped. The antagonist is sure he has correctly estimated his foe’s abilities. All avenues of escape are blocked. All seems lost for the Hero. But the reader knows that the villain has forgotten one very important detail about the Hero and has played right into the Hero’s Hands. The villain thinks that by destroying the Hero, he will rule the world. In reality, his actions will be the catalyst that unleashes the Hero’s Infinite Power for Good. In the case of satan, he forgot that You are God! ✝️

“All of my kindness is taken for weakness.” Rihanna

We underestimate You as well, Lord. We find it difficult to believe that Love is the most powerful force in the world. Someone armed with a gun looks a lot stronger to us than someone armed with Kindness, Generosity, and Love. But that’s only if we’re stuck thinking in earthly terms.

“For all who draw the sword will die by the sword” Matthew 26:52b

A person can coerce specific behaviors out of others when they have some kind of physical advantage over them. But coercion does not change hearts. Whatever gains are made by force only last as long as the advantage is maintained.

Love changes hearts, minds, and Souls. And Souls are Immortal.

“For everyone who has been Born of God overcomes the world. And this is the Victory that has overcome the world – Faith.” 1John 5:4

In this way, slaves were richer than their masters. Enslaved people turned to God – their only Hope in their powerless position. Their legacy is deep spirituality. Slavers’ legacy is hatred passed down through generations to those people who can’t see beyond this blip of an existence to Eternity. Hatred blinds people and bankrupts their souls.

Thus, our understanding of who the most powerful people are is turned upside down. Those people, who seem to us like they have “got it made in the shade”, only have power and wealth until they die. God’s Love and Saving Grace last beyond our mortal lives to Eternity.

Knowing this helps us to choose wisely the heroes we want to emulate. Instead of envying and striving to be like the powerful, rich, and famous, what if everyone tried to be like the kindest, most generous person they know… ? The whole world would change for the better ❤️

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