the gist of it…

“And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free.” John 8:32

Lord, in Your Reality there is Absolute Unshakable Truth. Your Truth is not relative. It is not subject to change based upon human beliefs and assumptions. And we cannot perceive Your Reality anymore than an ant can perceive our reality. But You Came to give us “the Gist of It” : )

There’s a spiritual war going on outside of our time and space. A war between Good and evil that You have already Won on the Cross. It goes on because of Your Commitment to our Free Will, and Your Persistence in Restoring the Whole of Your Creation. evil knows it has lost, but clings to existence through our misplaced allegiance. So evil’s only goal can be to delay the coming of Your Kingdom and hang on as long as it can.

The Israelites were charged with preparing for Your First Coming into our history. Their arduous journey through the Old Testament set up everything in our space-time for Your Birth into our world. You entered it at the most opportune time for the Seeds of Your Salvation to take root and grow in our hearts, minds, and souls.

There were so many violent events in the Old Testament. Human life was lost as the Israelites made their way to the Promised Land. We can only understand the destruction of Canaan when we realize that You Came to Save the Canaanites’ immortal souls as well.

You also loved the Canaanites and the other occupants in the Promised Land. But they were headed in the wrong direction, toward death. They held pagan beliefs that called for human sacrifice, among other things. In order to Save Everyone, You had to be born into a people who knew the One True God.

We live linear, sequential lives here on Earth. YOU ARE where everything just IS. That’s what You mean when You say “I AM”.

At the specific moment of Your Crucifixion on Earth, Your Saving Grace spread out like a mushroom cloud beyond all space and time, covering everyone, everywhere and at every time. For every soul ever created, the Door to Your Kingdom now stands open.

The Clarion Call of Your Crucifixion and Resurrection Peals Forever. There’s no time – past, present, or future – in Your Kingdom. That’s why King David knew of You and Your Saving Grace so intimately. That’s how You Appeared to people in the Old Testament before Your Entrance as an infant into our timeline.

Our work as disciples is to reach critical mass through our complete allegiance to You in order to bring about Your Second Coming – the next stage of Your Resurrection Story in our linear time.

You Ask us to cherish You more than we love our friends and family – to turn away from them if we have to, in order to follow You. That seems harsh to us until we understand that we are partners with You now in the Complete Restoration of Your Kingdom.

This does not contradict Your Directive to Love, Forgive, and Do for others what we would have them do for us. It means we don’t compromise our discipleship to be accepted by our peers, our family, and our friends – Nor do we amend what we know of Your Truth to “fit in”.

Jesus, You Are the Truth, the Way, and the Life. We are to preach nothing but You Crucified for the Salvation of our immortal souls

When we stand steadfast with You, we are doing more for our family and friends than we could ever do by ourselves. Thank you, Lord!

Amen ✝️❤️😊

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