go with the Flow

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.” John 15:4

If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

Artists are dazzled by the possibilities every blank piece of paper represents. Each one has the potential to be an artist’s magnum opus – their best work yet and a “masterpiece”. I have a large supply of paper in my studio and stashed around the house and barn. I have potentially hundreds of masterpieces waiting to materialize into reality : )

Each piece of paper’s destiny is determined with the first few marks made on it. It is no longer full of infinite possibilities. It has been set on a specific course as a graphite drawing or a watercolor or a pastel. That is what makes a blank piece of paper rather intimidating. With the first mark and each succeeding mark, it’s possibilities are reduced. All artists are full of hope for each piece of paper, or we could not make that first mark.

An artist knows that if we don’t connect with the Infinite inside of ourselves, if we stay on the surface of our consciousness, in our heads, our efforts will not produce anything that surpasses the sum of our skills. Artists think of being connected with this Infinite Source within ourselves as being “in the Flow” or as being “in the Zone”. We only get there when we let go of ourselves. Often for me, it’s when I realize the drawing or painting is rather awful! That’s when I give up control and allow the Infinite to take over.

The best works an artist produces come from this Infinite source. We stare at a painting or drawing that seems to be way beyond our capabilities, and we wonder how we got there – how it came into existence by our hand. And it’s wanting this connection with the Infinite that pushes an artist to get out another clean piece of paper and make another first mark.

But being in the Flow is not just for artists! We all have the Infinite dwelling inside of us – the Holy Spirit. Each day is another blank sheet of paper filled with possibilities. When we navigate through the day allowing the Infinite inside of us to guide us, we do good works that surpass the sum of all of our skills and knowledge. We don’t have to try to walk in the Spirit. It’s a matter of giving up control and allowing the Infinite to take over. Show up and ask God to teach you how to walk in the Spirit. Confess to the Lord that your life is rather awful, and you need God to take over.

Do not worry about all the days you’ve already messed up. Today is a fresh start – as is tomorrow and the next. When you walk in the Spirit, Healing and a Miraculous Transformation will come over you. You will stare at the new you and wonder how you ever got there. For me, decades of multiple eating disorders addictions, depression, hopelessness, physical aches and pains have disappeared into thin air as I come more and more to God in Prayer, Community, and in the Living Word. I have been freed from the prison of my own making.

I’m so grateful, Lord, to have lived long enough to to experience in this lifetime, this Freedom and Joy that comes from the Lord’s Saving Grace! Sadness and suffering are still part of my life, but I have a wellspring of Joy and Hope that comes from this Touchstone of the Infinite inside of me. I pray that all of you will go with the Flow of the Lord’s Holy Spirit through today and all the rest of your days.


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