the importance of being earnest

Everything – and I mean everything – runs on energy. A Lamborghini or a Tesla, without a fuel source, is useless as transportation. We run on energy. Our bodies are furnaces. We move and we think using the energy we metabolize from our food in chemical reactions and as eletrical signals.

Food and water are therefore the most valuable physical commodities in our world. (At this point in time, air is free) A salad and a handful of nuts or a burger are far more valuable then gold or diamonds.

Think of it this way – When you are stranded on that proverbial desert Island, do you want to find 1000 diamonds and 1000 lbs of gold? Or would you rather find an oasis of coconut trees, a lagoon full of fish, and a spring bubbling up with fresh water? You have to think like Gilligan here ; )

We are solar powered. And until we can use CRISPR to turn ourselves green, we have to ingest “transducers” that convert and store the sun’s rays as potential energy. Or we can ingest “batteries” that eat “transducers” and store their energy for our use.

Plants are the “transducers”. They can’t walk around, but they have day jobs converting the sun’s energy into glucose and storing it in thier leaves, roots, seeds, and fruiting bodies. Unfortunately, there is a very narrow group of transducers in the plant kingdom from which our bodies can extract potential energy. If we could just graze on our lawns or eat the leaves off of oak and maple trees, we would be all set. Except for vegetarians, we rely on ruminants, fish, and fowl to extract potential energy from grasses and other plants we can’t digest and store it in their tissues, and in the case of birds, their eggs.

When you think about it, farmers, farm workers, and other people who bring food to us should be regarded as some of most valued members of our society and paid accordingly! Our values are topsy turvy.

When we understand that food and water are our most valuable physical commodities, we understand that taking care of our environment isn’t a political stance, it’s imperative for our physical survival. We act from the spirit of this knowledge to minimize our impact on our environment. Where rules didn’t work, this knowledge changes our habits for the better.

Our souls run on God-Energy from the Holy Spirit. Just as we shrivel up and die without food and water, without God-Energy our souls shrivel up and become inert. What is God-Energy? Love! It’s an abstract concept, intangible, but vital for our survival. Love is as important for our well-being as are food and water.

Years ago, infants in some orphanages were sheltered, clothed, and fed, but still failed to thrive and perished. Their puzzled caregivers didn’t understand that without Love the infants’ gave up Hope. They had no will to survive.

We draw God-Energy from community – meaningful human contact – and from being in God’s Presence through the Holy Spirit.

We need a steady diet of the Living Word, Community with other members of the Body of Christ, and Prayer, where we stop everything and come fully into God’s Presence – praising, thanking, pleaing, apologizing, or just chatting with the Lord – or where we are just still, listening.

When our souls are full of God-Energy, everything we do is an act of Love for the Lord and for others. Where rules didn’t really control our actions, now we act from the Spirit.

Extending God’s Love and Salvation to others is imperative! They too will change and act out of the Spirit of God’s Love when they are brought to the Foot of the Cross. What we can’t accomplish with rules and punishment, we accomplish with God’s Love and Salvation through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Lord for clarifying what is important for us to do. All Praise, Honor, and Glory To You, Oh Lord.

Amen! ✝️❤️😊

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