Life in Christ is Marked by Freedom!

Living a life United with God, which is made possible through Christ’s Sacrifice for us, is the Best of all possible lives we can lead because we are where we were Created to be.

But the reputation of living a Godly life has been marred. Many people have the idea that the true Godly life is monochromatic – a demanding Spartan existence, full of sacrifice and deprivation – limited by a myriad of rules and regulations – that the Godly person must be above reproach at all times and must preach the Gospel to every unwilling listener within earshot. No wonder people run in the opposite direction.

When people then observe the ragtag saints of the Body of Christ on Earth, which is the Church, not living up to these standards – not living above reproach – they see all Christians as hypocrites. It’s like running into a vegetarian friend eating a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

This perception is magnified when we believers are judgmental, pointing out others’ sins instead of proclaiming Christ’s Transformative Salvation working in our own messed-up lives…We are not called to lecture others with the Gospel Message. We are called to Live the Gospel!

Writers learn to show their protagonist’s attributes to their audience, not merely describe them. Good authors weave the protagonist’s personality into the narrative through the hero’s words and actions. Likewise, the Lord’s Saving Grace is woven into our words and actions when we walk with God.

So what does the Godly life truly look like?

Life in Christ is marked by Freedom! We are Released from our pasts, our egos, and our uncertainties. The vague feelings of being lost and insignificant are gone. The weight of our mistakes is lifted. Our brain fog clears. As we draw closer to the Lord, we are Healed of our addictions, fears, and anxieties. The hateful grudges that hover in our hearts and minds dissipate into thin air. Our Spiritual Sight sharpens, and we see the Hand of God everywhere and the Face of Jesus in everyone. Hope blossoms in our souls where despair once resided. Peace descends upon our whole being as a dove. Our once tentative steps in the dark become confident strides in the Light of God’s Will for our lives. We are no longer alone. We have brothers and sisters in Christ, who love us and support us. We have Joy in the Lord even amidst our sorrows and troubles.

And Life in the Lord is exciting! We see Purpose in what we are called to be and do. We catch glimpses of God in the miraculous outcomes that follow even our smallest acts of obedience to the Holy Spirit’s Nudges and Suggestions.

That’s a much more inviting view of the Godly Life than most people have. We are to Shine for the Lord. When we do Good, we are to give God all the Glory. We only are to take all the credit for ourselves when we mess up. We then witness to Christ’s Forgiveness for us, and we pass it on to others.

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