Clarion Call or the ball is in our court

“For if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?” Luke 23:31

You said this to us, Lord, as You walked to Your Execution. We are in the dry period now, Lord – the time when You are not here with us physically. But not because You Wish us to be! You Are Only Good! Your Creation is still in shambles because of us. Hearts seem to be hardening at an accelerating rate. You could sweep it all away, but that is not Your Will. Thanks be to God! Your Will is to Restore all of Your Creation through Collaboration with us, who You Created out of Love. You have the Power to make us do anything. But You Desire us to come to You of our own free will – not as automatons, but as Your Children, made in Your Image which is Love. Love is the Connection between us. Dolls, puppets, automatons can’t feel love. But You have given us the capacity to Love from our conception.

We acquire the capacity to hate with our first bite of the forbidden fruit – the first time we turn to ourselves instead of You. Hatred is disguised in so many forms we don’t see it in ourselves. Indifference to suffering, indulgence, greed, selfishness, exclusivity, deception, division, and other subtle shades of hatred might characterize us all in any given situation, and we miss it. You are! And You Are here to Rescue and Restore us all. To Fix and Reattach all of the broken pieces of Your Creation to the Fractal that is God, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You Are our Merciful Savior.

You Weep at all of the suffering. You Experience all of the pain we feel. You Mourn when we, who are Created in Your Image, turn away and throw our lots in with the evil one – when we hurt others and add to the brokenness of Your Creation. When we turn away, we are the ones who nail You to the Cross, drive spikes through Your Hands and Feet, thrust the spear into Your Side. But we are also the ones down upon whom Your Blood and Living Water Flow from Your Wounded Side. We are the ones who are Healed. Our transgressions are Washed Away. We are the ones who stand at the Foot of Your Cross, made Clean and Worthy again to be God’s Children!

In Holy Collaboration with You, Lord, we can hasten the ending of this dry period – end suffering and pain! When critical mass is reached, You Will come to us in physical form again and Reign over 1,000 years of Peace – demonstrating to us what You Meant Your Creation to Be.

You Guide us back to You. We only come to You, God, through Your Holy Spirit working in us. We can’t do it alone. Thank you for Your Flashlight, Your GPS, and Your Map – which is Your Living Word revealed in Scripture.

Hatred is spreading. There is an Urgency in telling others of Your Salvation. A Clarion Call has gone out from You for the Body of Christ to get off our collective couch and act with radical intention in order to counteract the smear campaign against You that evil is waging. There are people, claiming agency in Your Name, who are judging people and spreading hatred. They have badly tarnished the Christian reputation. Because of this we are shy and apologetic when we admit we follow You, or worse yet, we keep our faith hidden.

Jesus said, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” John 13:35

Our Salvation needs to be on stage, at the center of our lives. From Your Saving Grace, we draw Strength to act as Your merciful servants to the world – to go and make disciples of all nations – to feed Your sheep – to bring about the Millennium of Peace You have Promised. “They will Know We Are Christians by Our Love” is how the old hymn goes.

We are not to passively sit at the bus stop, waiting. For if we do, the bus will never come! You have Entrusted us with abundant “talents”. When we bury them, we play right into evil’s hands. When we make our Salvation adjunct to our lives, we are right where evil wants us – nonthreatening believers instead of Your Followers…

That has been me, Lord. I’m so sorry, God. Forgive me for not realizing what Discipleship really means – for not realizing that hastening Your Return resides with me and Your Body here on Earth.

We see suffering and wonder where You are. You See suffering and Wonder where we are!

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

I’m so grateful to know You! All praise to You, Lord. You Are Everything! You Are Mighty, yet Tender and Merciful! I will go… Lead the Way.

Amen ✝️❤️😊

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