evil lurks but so does Grace…

Just as viruses have no life of their own but wreak havoc in our bodies, evil is not alive. it is death itself, wreaking havoc in God’s Creation. Christ’s Saving Grace is the Vaccine – 100% effective! ✝️

Viruses hijack our DNA in order to multiply and spread. evil feeds off of us, empowered by our willing participation in its deceptions. it latches on to vulnerable souls and steers them toward destruction, spreading from soul to soul. Life thrives through Creation. evil destroys in order to survive. We keep evil viable. Evil sows division, hatred, oppression, despair, greed, hoarding, and isolation – the scat of death and destruction – antithetical to the Fruits of Your Spirit – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Self-control, and Gentleness. Just like Peter, we sink when we allow deceptive thoughts to focus our hearts and minds on ourselves instead of You.

“(Jesus) said, ‘You do not have in mind the Concerns of God, but merely human concerns.’ ” Mark 8:33b

My heart was heavy. Not because of what somebody had done to me, but because I couldn’t forgive and forget. I was upset with myself because I couldn’t stop ruminating on their hurtful behavior. Just when I thought I was rid of the hateful feelings, the whole scenario played out in my head again. I was disappointed in myself and extremely uncomfortable. I asked You what I should do to forgive the person. You were silent because I asked the wrong question. We do not believe enough to let go and let You Heal us. You will take our burdens if we just release our death grip. Instead, resentful feelings fester and boil within us. Our dissatisfaction with ourselves and our extreme discomfort are warning signs that our hearts and minds have shifted focus from You to ourselves. The harder we try to fix ourselves, the worse things get. It’s like being stuck in quicksand. We need to be still until help arrives because we can’t extract ourselves – struggling buries us deeper. We risk becoming spiritually neurotic – turning down Your Grace in favor of introspection – trying to figure ourselves out. It is arrogance when we try to fix ourselves. We put unfounded faith in our own abilities instead of Your Grace. We perseverate over our failures, thinking we should be infallible. How cunning evil is in its insatiable appetite for our souls. The Truth is we are only made Perfect in You. On our own we remain merely human. When we are uncomfortable with our thoughts, ideas, and feelings, we need to work things out with You. We need to come to You and let You Lead us.

“But he (Jesus) said to me, ‘My Grace is sufficient for you, for My Power is made Perfect in weakness.’ ” 2Corinthians 12:9

When I asked You where I was going wrong. You answered in so many ways I was overwhelmed. You pointed out that I was relying on myself instead of You. I merely had to look to You. Then Your Forgiveness for the person would fill my heart. Your Understanding for the person would fill my mind. I couldn’t do that on my own.

I would rather die serving You than live captive to hatred, hopelessness, and fear!

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mark 8:36

Life in You is exhilarating! There’s a lightness to walking with You – a springiness. It’s a way of weaving in, out, and around the knots of this tangled existence without getting caught in them – snared in traps set for us by evil. When we are with You we can walk on water – with You all things are possible.

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ ” Mark 19:26

Thank you for this Amazing Life with You, Lord! I no longer flounder by myself. I thrive in You! You are the Answer to life, the universe, and everything… 42 ; ) All Glory, Praise, and Honor to You, Oh Lord!


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