for God’s Sake

Though we reap infinite benefits, it is not for our sake, but for Your Sake that we return. We are Your Creation. We belong to You. When we come Home to You, we again take up residence in our “natural habitat” – Your Presence – where we once walked daily with You.

The prodigal son’s return brought overwhelming relief and joy to his father. The father threw a lavish banquet because his son was back where he belonged. No stern scolding, no harsh words, were forthcoming – just a warm embrace because the father’s offspring had rejoined him. They could again work side by side, exchanging ideas and jokes, enjoying each other’s company in loving companionship. And at night, the father knew his son was slumbering peacefully, safe from the pitfalls of the world he once ran away to.

Restoring Your Supreme Order is Your “Prime Directive” : ) ✝️

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