a psalm

In this world, we are subject to random turns of events that shatter our illusions of being in control. When we step into Your Kingdom, we see things with Your Eyes. Being in Your Kingdom, Lord, is to return to our natural habitat, where we are truly Free. We no longer strive to create ideal conditions for ourselves on earth. We no longer erect our own fortresses, trying to protect ourselves from predators and snares. We are no longer disoriented and confused by these unfamiliar surroundings. We no longer fear because we can’t determine our own destinies. Your Truth is that we don’t have to determine our own destinies. We know that someday we will live entirely in Your Kingdom – mind, body, and spirit. And because we are made in Your Image, which is Love, we long to relieve others’ suffering and bring them to You. It is Your Longing we are feeling. It is Your Pain we feel when we hear of a starving or abused child, when we hear of homes destroyed by disasters or people oppressed by evil regimes. It is Your Pain we feel when we see someone trapped by illness, addiction, or poverty – and hurting. When we see with Your Eyes, Lord, we weep for the inflictors, the haters, the oppressors, as well. For You Love them, and they have turned their backs on You so completely! Your Law is written on their hearts, and they have walled it off with thick lead shielding. We can’t change minds. It’s Your Salvation that Transforms hearts. Your Light is Love. We shine Your Love into the darkness. Nothing else. No human intervention – regardless of dogged determination and clever strategizing – can change hearts. We can’t market salvation, freedom, and joy. We can’t legislate goodness. We plant the Seeds of Your Love in fertile hearts, where your Holy Spirit takes up residence. Faith grows and radically Heals and changes a person’s life, bringing them into the Light of Your Truth, until all of Your sheep are back safely with You! You Are Truly Merciful and Kind, Lord. I am awestruck! Alleluia! Amen

1 thought on “a psalm”

  1. Praying with you for God to orient us, change hearts and so work to heal humanity in this world that God so loves. Amen!


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